who’s been


Eliza and Martin Carthy – Peter Knight and John Spiers


The Tom McConville Band – Vin Garbutt – Faustus –  Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas

The Melrose Quartet – The Georgia Lewis Trio – Ewan McLennan – Peter Knight’s

Giggspanner – Show of Hands


Tim O’Brien – Peter Knight’s Gigspanner – Martin Simpson – Kris Drever with Siobhan

Wilson – Chris Wood – Leveret – Nancy Kerr ans the Sweet Visitor Band – Jim Causley – The

Magical Christmas Tree Tour – Phil Beer & Friends


Nancy Kerr and James Fagan – Andy Cutting – The Gavin Davenport Band – Lady Maisery

The Dovetail Trio – Greg Russell – John Kirkpatrick – Mick Ryan’s: A Days Work

Belshazzar’s Feast – Show of Hands


Miranda Sykes and Rex Preston – Jim Causley with Lukas Drinkwater

Spiers and Boden – Steve Tilston Band – Paul Downes and Phil Beer – Kevin Burke

Kathryn Roberts and Sean Lakeman – The Will Pound Band – Peter Knight’s Gigspanner

Show of Hands


Vin Garbutt – Tyde – The Melrose Quartet – The Carrivick Sisters and Blair Dunlop

State of the Union – Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin – The Young’uns – Martin Simpson

 Show of Hands


Jackie Oates and Karen Tweed – Kris Drever and Eamonn Coyne

Jeana Leslie and Siobhan Miller- Peter Knight’s Gigspanner – Steve Knightley

Tim Edey and Brendan Power – Andy Cutting

Show of Hands


Fay Hield Trio- Mick Ryan and Paul Downes – Lucy Ward – The Askew Sisters

Hannah James and Sam Sweeney- Coope Boyes & Simpson – Bob Fox

Show of Hands